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10 Foot Long, 16 Inch Wide, 3000 Pound Ramps with Anti-Slip Surface - Dambach Ramps - aluminum ramps for all equipment

10 Foot Long, 16 Inch Wide, 3000 Pound Ramps with Anti-Slip Surface

$ 959.00

Ramps above are 12" wide....actual ramps are 16" wide.

Anti-slip surface is not shown.  Picture will be online at a later date.

These ramps have a smooth plate on them with anti-slip tape to be used for equipment with small wheels or where you would want a ramp to walk up into a van or deck.

Set of 2 aluminum ramps, 10 feet long and 16" wide and hold 3000 pounds - each ramp holds 1500 pounds. These ramps can be purchased with flat plate to lay on trailer deck or tailgate, trailer hooks or fingers. Choose whether you want these ramps to be arched or straight ramps. Come with adjustable safety straps if purchased with flat plate or fingers for security. For options at right - Normal crossbars (rods) are 3" apart and are great for loading garden equipment, ATV's, etc.

These ramps are great for loading garden equipment, atv's and bikes into higher trucks. They are also good for small vehicles and heavier garden equipment. 

5 year warranty.  Ramps weigh 45 pounds each.

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