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Modular Disability Ramps

Aluminum modular ramp systems with ramp, handrails and legs to have access into homes or businesses.  We can install some systems and others you will have to have someone install for you.  Call for more information 724-752-0543 or email dambachramps@zoominternet.net.

You can also rent these ramps in our local area only (Ellwood City/New Castle/Butler, Pa. areas).  3 month minimum lease.  
Measure height of porch and ramps must be 1" of ramp for every inch of height.  So if your porch is 30 inches high, you will need a 30 foot long ramp.  Platforms and turning platforms are available too.

Prices are approximate but you are looking at $125/ft. for the modular systems plus installation and shipping.  If you are capable of installing the ramp yourself, they can be shipped anywhere in the USA.

If you have a porch lower than 16 inches, you can rent or purchase shorter ramps.  See these ramps under Wheelchair and Scooter Ramps.  
For 3 inch threshold or shorter, you can use Threshold Ramps.