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PVI 6 Foot Long, 30 Inch Wide, Multifold Ramp - Dambach Ramps - aluminum ramps for all equipment

PVI 6 Foot Long, 30 Inch Wide, Multifold Ramp

$ 369.00 $ 520.50

6 foot long and 30 inches wide with curbs on side
Weighs 28 pounds together, 14 pounds each apart.

800 pound total load capacity.

Maximim rise occupied:  12 inches

These fold in half and then in half again!  They are a 4-fold ramp!  Carry like a suitcase.  Folds to 1/4 of opened size.

Can come apart in 2 pieces with handles for easy carrying.

These ramps come with instructional safety DVD plus pins to drop into holes to secure the ramp in place if so desired.

These ramps include free shipping in USA!

1 year limited warranty.

Made in USA.