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6' 4" Long x 12" Wide, 1000 Pound Capacity Ramps - Dambach Ramps - aluminum ramps for all equipment

6' 4" Long x 12" Wide, 2000 Pound Capacity Ramps

$ 419.00

One Set of 2 Aluminum Ramps, 76 inches long, 12 inches wide, 2000 pound Capacity ramps.  Each ramp holds 1000 pounds.

Good for ATV's, garden equipment into trailers, dirt bikes and motorcycles.

Choose arched or straight ramps.  Weigh 13 pounds each.

Choose trailer hooks to hook into angle iron on back of trailer, fingers or flat plate to lay on trailer deck.

Crossbars are 4 inches apart.  
If you lay the ramps flat on the ground straight ramps are 5 inches high.  If you stack them on top of each other the height is 7 inches.

Made in USA.